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Decentralized Exchanges
BlockDX (DEX)
Uniswap (SYSX-USDT) #
Uniswap (SYSX-ETH) #

Centralized Exchanges
SPT – Syscoin Platform Tokens) (SYS/BTC)
Binance (USDT/BTC/BUSD) w/Margin Pair BUSD/SYS (BTC)
Cointree* (FIAT/SYS)
Coinpayments (FIAT/SYS Payment Gatway) # (USDT/ETH) (USDT) AGX/AUX * (SYS/Swaps for 10 pairs) # (EUR)* (SYS/USDT/VNDC) (SYS/BUSD/BTC) (SYS/BUSD)
PriorityCrypto* (ATM/Canada) (BTC) (300 pairs) #
Swyftx* (FIAT/SYS) (100+ pairs) # (300+ pairs) #
Tokocrypto (SYS/BUSD/USDT/BTC)

YOBIT – has not upgraded to Sys4
and exchange wallet is disabled!

TEAM, FOUNDATION & Blockchain Foundry ANNOUNCEMENTS, Releases

Syscoin 4 Whitepaper 11/30/21
Cyrex Security Audit & Penetration Testing 11/26/21
Syscoin 4.0 NEVM Code Audit
Masternode Mandatory Upgrade to Syscoin NEVM 4.3.
Syscoin NEVM by House of Chimera (11/20/21) Defi Platform to Launch on Sys NEVM (11/12/21)
PegaSYS DEX/Defi Protocol Announcement (11/11/21)
Bitrank Verified Integrates Syscoin (11/10/21)
Syscoin NEVM Smart Contract Bug Bounties (10/19/21)
Syscoin: NEVM Smart Contract Layer Explained 10/10/21
Networked-Enhanced Virtual Machine (10/7/21)
Syscoin Platform News Update (8/19/21)
Preview of Syscoin Pali Web Wallet (8/4/21)
BlockchainFoundry & EvolveMedia to create Gifty (7/6/21)
Transcript of AMA with Jag Sidhu & Bradely (6/29/21)
Syscoin Platform Development Update (6/24/21)
BlockchainFoundry Partners w/HouseofKibaa (6/23/21)
BlockchainFoundry Partners w/REVXM to Launch..NFT Product(06/15/21)
BIGG secures contract w/BCF for Adoption of Syscoin based Assets (6/9/21)
BlockchainFroundry Update on Product Strategy & Roadmap (5/18/21
Syscoin LUX is Live (5/1/21)
Syscoin Partners with (4/20/21)

BlockchainFoundry Expands Leadership Team…(4/19/21)

New Dev Partners: Quan
Digital & Elint Tech (4/5/21)
BlockchainFoundry Closes CAD 10 mio Private Placement..(3/12/21)

Corporate Update: DeFi Strategy, Enterprise Development Initiatives…(3/2/21)

A Design for an Efficient Coordinated Financial Computing Platform (2/26)/21)
Syscoin: The Road Ahead  (2/25/21)
Syscoin 4.2. Testnet Goes Live (2/10/21)

Introducing an NFT Platform Like No Other (01/26/21)
Syscoin Provides Regulatory Compliance in a Decentralized Eocsystem (1/4/2)

Syscoin Roadmap Update 12/23/20

Syscoin Roadmap 2021 – Annoucement (12/23/20)

Important: Mandatory Review o
f Masternodes (12/6/20)
TrustToken Bridges TUSD and other Stablecoins to Syscoin (12/2/20)

Syscoin’s Future: No Limits except Supply (11/30/20)
Incoming Airdrops for Syscoin Owners (11/13/20)

Syscoin 4.2. Advancements: Next-level Masternodes (10/15/20)

Syscoin 4.2. Advancements: Network Enforced Compliance Rules (10/8/20)
Binance Syscoin 交易竞赛公告 (8/25-8/31/20)
Binance Syscoin Trading Competition (8/25-8/31/20)

Syscoin AMA hosted by Binance, August 18, 4pm, UTC

Syscoin Platform Is Ready ForThe Great Reddit Scaling Bake-Off 7/31/20
BlockchainFoundry and Matic Network Establish Partnership (07/29/20)
Binance and Blockchain Foundry Establish Partnership to Issue BUSD Stablecoin on the Syscoin Network (7/23/20)

Binance and Blockchain Foundry Establish Partnership to Issue BUSD Stablecoin on the Syscoin Network
Syscoin Ethereum Bridge Bounty (6/18/20)
Syscoin-Ethereum Tx Fee Comparison Chart

How to Provision the Bridge for Your ERC-20

Syshub Security Review (5/30/20)

Syscoin Platform Advancements (5/11/20)
New Ecosystem Improvements (4/16/20)
Syscoin 4.1.3 Mandatory Upgrade Syscoin Bridge Mainnet Launch Success (1/28/20) Syscoin 4.1.2 Mandatory Upgrade
Syscoin Platform 4.1 is Live 12/20/19
Syscoin Roadmap Updated 12/20/19
Syscoin 4.1. & Blockheight Bridge Announcement 12/17/19
Spark Wallet Raffle Winner Announcement (12/4/19)

Syscoin Bridge Development Update (11/19/19)
Spark Mobile (Android) Wallet Download & Raffle (11/07/19)
Syscoin Bridge Testnet Open for Testing (11/01/19)
Syscoin Bridge Rollout Schedule
Syscoin 4.1. Ethereum Bridge Testnet (07/14/19)
Syscoin – Proof of ZDAG(07/03/19)
BlockchainFoundry Releases Spark Wallet
Creating SPT (Syscoin Protocol Tokens) on Spark Wallet

Whiteblock Testing: Syscoin’s Z-DAG TPS Benchmark

Bloomberg PR: Syscoin’s Z-DAG TPS Benchmark Results (05/22/19)
Z-DAG: Syscoin’s Blockchain Scalability Solution (5/16/19)

Z-DAG: Final White Paper
BlockchainFoundry files Patent for ZDAG (05/08/19)
Syscoin 4.0 Target Release Date (04/30/19)
Syscoin4: Rewards & Specifications(03/06/19)
Syscoin4 Protocol – Announcement Syscoin Roadmap (April, 2019)


What We Can Learn from the top Hacks..of 2021 11/30/21
..Can Current ,.Chains Scale Up 4 Mass Adoption? 11/28/21
BlockchainFoundry Launches MVP Peregrine Compliance Tool (8/25/21)
House of Chimera Report on Syscoin (8/6/21) development update (7/26/21)
Melchondia Network ranks Syscoin among top 5 Projects (7/15/21) lists Syscoin #1 in Github Commits (5/27/21)
Binance Facilitates SYS Margin Trading (5/21/21)
BlockchainFoundry engages Oak Hill Financial….(5/13/21)
Meet (5/13/21)
….Syscoin…rally as altcoin Season Kicks in..(5/6/21)
Brock Pierce…SEC Guidelines for NFTs.(5/7/21)
Blockchain Foundry Deploys Syscoin Lux… (5/2/21)
Syscoin LUX goes Live: BCF..released the next generation Tech for NFts..(5/1/21)
Is Ethereum Destined to be the King of Defi? (4/16/21)
Blockchain Foundry Invests CAD 1mio to Purchase 2.2 mio Syscoin (4/6/21)
The 5 Reason Why Blockchain Will Revolutionize…BCFN (3/31/21)
Understanding NFTs & ..Future of Crypto.. (3/11/21)
LODE Project’s Silver AGX Silver-backed Stablecoin on Major Exchange (3/16/21)
Syscoin…. the Next Major Blockchain for NFTs (3/9/21)
Syscoin Blockchain Launching Support for.. NFTs (1/28/21)
Top Canadian Blockchain Stocks of 2020 (1/4/21)
4 Reasons to be Excited About Stablecoins on Syscoin (12/9/20)
Syscoin Partners w/ TrustToken to Bridge USDT .. (12/3/20)
TrustToken Bridges TUSD &other Stablecoins to Syscoin (12/2/20)
Syscoin & TrustToken Come Together on Stablecoin Bridge (12/3/20)
Syscoin (SYS) Partners w/ TrustToken, Integrates TUSD… (12/2/20)
Bitcoin Bull Reveals Bottlenecks and High Fees as Solutions Emerge (11/27/20)
CorionX and the Money in the Right Direction Movement (11/16/20)
Are Stablecoins the Answer To Financial Surveillance in HongKong (10/29/20)
Blockchain Brdiges as an Alternative to waiting for Ethereum 2.0 (10/29/20)
China Cracks Down: How Will Tether Adapt to Tigher Enforcement (10/26/20)
Pax Poised to Bolster Stablecoin Adoption w/Solutions Like Syscoin (10/25/20)
Syscoin to Accelerate Cyrpto Adoption in Latin and S.America (10/20/20)
Syscoin Testbericht (10/12/20)
Blockchain Foundry Announces USD 4mio Equity Facility…(10/6/20)
Can Relay Bridges Relieve Eth’s Ridic..Gas Fees (9/27/30)
BeatzCoin Airdrop to Syscoin Community (9/19/20)
VibraVid to Implement the Syscoin Chain (9/15/20)
How On-chain KYC can breathe new life into enterprise blockchain (9/13/20)
Ethereum Scalability Issues Exposed…….9/10/20)
BlockchainFoundry Announces Blockchain Development Agreement (9/1/20)
DeFi Core Insfrastructure is Cloged,….. 8/19/20
Driving Stablecoin Adoption: Corion & Syscoin Foundation Enter Partnership (8/13/20)
What Reddit Is Looking For In The Great Ethereum Bake-Off (8/11/20)
BlockchainFoundry Announces Renewal of Blockchain Development Agreement with LODE Community (8/5/20)
Binance to Use Syscoin’s Ethereum Bridge As A Scaling Solution for BUSD (7/24/20)
Bloomberg: Blockchain Foundry and Binance establish Partnership to issue BUSD Stablecoin on the Syscoin Network (7/23/20)
Binance to use Syscoin Bridge for its BUSD Stablecoin (7/23/20)
Binance to Transfer BUSD Across Blockchains On Syscoin-Ethereum Bridge (7/23/20)
Binance to Use Syscoin Bridge for BUSD Stablecoin (7/23/20)
Massive Syscoin Bridge Bounty Aims to Attract Ethereum Developers Seeking Interoperability (7/2/20)
Why Ethereum Developers Frustrated by Fees Should be Using Blockchain Bridges (7/1/20)
Response to ZDAG Review and Questions by BAT Engineering (6/30/20)
Shoud dApp Developers be Worried About The Risks of Ethereum 2.0 (6/26/20)
Blockchain Bridges Explained (6/20/20)
Could Bridges Solve Ethereum’s Second-Layer Scalability Issues? (6/12/20)
Syscoin: Providing Stablecoins w/Scalability & Interoperability (5/26/20)
Stablecoins Could Transfer Value Across Blockchains,Says Vitalik (5/25/20)
Will interoperability render Ethereum 2.0 redundant?
Will We Still Need Interoperability Bridges when Ethereum 2.0
Launches (05/07/20)?
Lode introduces AUX: Digital Gold for Everyone (5/2/20)
Binance/Syscoin AMA Chinese-English Transcript (3/13/20)
Looking Beyond Ethereum, Crypto Interoperability is Key (3/1/20)
Readying the Blockchain Industry for the Next Wave…(2/29/20)
The Future of Crypto: Latest Cryptography Advances…(2/21/20)
Will Syscoin Bridge be the Scalability Solution Ethereum Developers are Looking for? (2/20/20)
Why Interoperability Should be on Everyone’s Mind (2/19/20)
How the Ethereum and Syscoin Bridge will Help Meet the Growing Demand of Stable Coins
Syscoin Launches “Bridge” Feature Introducing Ethereum Interoperability (2/5/20)
Ethereum Might Improve on the Scope of Interoperability through Syscoin’s Bridge (1/31/20)
Will 2020 Be The Year Decentralized Finance Overcomes Ethereum Challenges and Embraces Bitcoin? (1/31/20)
Could Syscoins New Ethereum Bridge Help Further Accelerate
DeFi Adoption in 2020?
Blockchain Foundry Activates World’s First Bridge Between The Syscoin and Ethereum Blockchains (1/29/20)
Will 2020 Be The Year Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Become
Operational? (1/28/20)
The Syscoin Ethereum Bridge provides true decentralized blockchain interoperability (1/29/20)
Syscoin Launches “Bridge” Feature Introducing Ethereum Interoperability (1/28/20)
Syscoin’s Newly Launched Bridge Aims to Solve Ethereum’s Scalability Problem (1/28/20)
Syscoin Launches Bridge for Token Interoperability with Ethereum (1/28/20)
Syscoin (SYS) Launches Fully Decentralized Bridge with Ethereum (ETH) (1/28/20)
Ethereum broadens its reach after Syscoin builds it a bridge (1/28/20)
Syscoin Foundation and BlockchainFoundry join 2Token Project
as Partners! (1/23/19)
What Happened to Syscoin Blockmarket? (1/12/20)
Interview on Syscoin is looking to advance
interoperability and scalability (12/6/19)
Achieving Blockchain Interoperability (12/1/19)
Syscoin Invalid Middle Block In SysEthereum Superblock (11/28/19)
Bloomberg: BlockchainFoundry nominated as Blockchain Company of the Year (11/14/19)
Syscoin Launches Ethereum Bridge on its Testnet (11/4/19)
Crypto Projects Are Racing to Crack Interoperability Problem (09/08/19)
Nearly 30% of Syscoin’s Coin Supply is now locked up in Masternodes (09/05/19)
The Future of Masternodes: Enabling Next Generation 
Blockchain & Decentralized Services (09/04/19)
What is the Future of Masternodes? Enabling Next Generation Blockchain and Decentralized Services (8/31/19)
Coinspace: Syscoin Leads in Offering Scaling Solutions w/more than 60K TPS (08/27/19
EU Startup’s Disruptive Tech to Shake up Hotel Booking (08/22/19)
Syscoin Hack Ethereum Brdige Bounty (08/14/19)
The battle for on-Chain Scalability:Who’s Leading?(08/08/19)
Scalability is Key – Blockchain Platforms Pushing Scalability Forward (08/07/19) – Syscoin Events
Entangling Z-DAG Technology w/Syscoin (07/23/19)
The Merkle: What is Syscoin (07/04/19)
Bloomberg: Blockchain Foundry Deploys Syscoin4 and..(06/10/19)
Syscoin to Release its 4.0 Protocol Update (06/03/19)
Whiteblock bestaetigt starke TPS Benchmarch Ergebnisse von Syscoin (German) (5/24/19)
Blockchain Foundry inches closer to solving blockchain scalability problem(05/22/19)
New Tech Drives Record Transaction Speeds for Syscoin(05/23/19)
New Syscoin Announcement..Gates to Ethereum Developers Soon(05/23/19)
Could Whiteblock catapult Syscoin into prominence? (05/17/19)
Can BlockchainFoundry solve one of Ethereum’s most glaring issues? (05/09/19)

Development projects & Partnerships on the Syscoin Platform [Announcment]
Gold Standard DAO [Introduction] NFT Sports/Entertainment [Announcement] – NFT Platform [Announcement]
TrustToken – TUSD/TCAD/TGBP/THKD/ on Syscoin [Announcement]
Binance – BUSD Stablecoin [Announcement]
Matic Network – Smart Contract Scalability Parnership [Announcement]
Systokens – A list of tokenized project built on the Syscoin Platform with rating based on formal milestones – An analytics powerhouse with an Ai assistant to help you make sense of the crypto markets – Sports betting built on Syscoin – Blockchain Online Learning Platform for Business – Partnership with Syscoin/BlockchainFoundry [Website]
Corion Foundation – Stablecoin Adoption [website]
DigitalRez – blockchain based property management and reservation platform [Website] – Development of a Cryptographic Silver & Gold Monetary System
LiteLink Technologies – Development of Cryptocurrency Marketplace [Website]
Tryvium –  modern platform for booking hotels, apartments, B&B, and other accommodations

Video Clips & LIve Recordings

A Syscoin Project Interview (11/26/21)
Gentlemen of Crypto AMA with Jag Sidhu (11/25/21)
What is Syscoin – and should you invest in it? (11/6/21)
Melchionda Interview w Syscoin Bradley on NEVM 10/22/21 (starting at 00:50;00)
Dan Wasyluk Vdo Interview on Stockhouse – 8/21/21
Podcast with Dan Wasyluk on Blockchain innovation and Publicly Traded Crypto Companies (6/7/21)
StealthEx Interview with Syscoin LeadDev Jag S.(5/20/21) Everything You Need to Know About the Lattest LODEPay Wallet Update (3/31/21)
Crypto Altcoin $SYS in 2 Minutes: SYSCOIN (3/9/21)
BTV Visits Driving Business to Invest In: Blockchainfoundry (2/26/21)
Syscoin Building the Stable and and Non-Fungible Crypto Market (2/16/21)
DEFINFTsApes & SYSCOIN: AMA w/Jag Recap (2/2/21)
Syscoin Interview Part III w/JagS. Cryptocurrency & Masternodes 2021 (1/5/21)
Syscoin Interview Part II w/JagS. – Cryptocurrency &
Masternodes 2021 (1/5/21)

Syscoin Interview Part I w/JagS. – Cryptocurrency & Masternodes 2021 (1/5/21) Kryptowaehrung Xmas-special w/Bradley (Min: 49:00 – 1.13:30) BlockchainFoundry is a Samll Cap Blockchain 2.0 Company..w/Dan Wasyluk (12/2/20) UDC2020 Meet-Up: Syscoin (Min. 18:38) (12/3/20) Kryptowaehrung News: Krypto Friday Ep72 (10/9/20) (Min:33:23-1.17.30) Back2Backwards (Spotify): Jag & Bradley Syscoin Follow-up Interview (10/5/20) Back2Backwards (iTunes): Jag & Bradley Syscoin Follow-up Interview (10/5/20) Podcast Interview of BeatzCoin with Jag Sidhu Part II (9/30/20) Podcast Interview of CryptoAlex with Jag Sidhu (9/18/20) VibraVid and Beatzcoin partner w/Syscoin 9/8/20 Syscoin Ethereum Bridge Walkthrough & Cost Comparison (8/15/20) Syscoin Bridge Introduction (7/27/20) Syscoin (SYS) price pums. What is (SYS) explained(7/22/20) Back2Backwards: Jag & Bradley (7/8/20) Syscoin Update – Wax & Shatner (6/28/20) BAT Syscoin Bridge Demonstration (6/5/20) Top 4 Syscoin Faucets 6/16/20 Introduction to Syscoin: Interoperability & Scalability(5/26/20) Live AMA w/Syscoin Founders and Blockchain Foundry(05/12/20) Blockchain Interviews: Dan Wasyluk (2/18/20) New Kids on the Blockchain: Syscoin Update (2/8/20) Dan Wasyluk & Jag Sidhu, Syscoin AMA, Live Recording 2/4/20 ChangeNow Interview w/Dan Wasyluk (12/5/19) Dan Wasyluk at the Amsterdam Block Party 11/8/2019) Jag Sidhu at the Amsterdam Block Party (11/8/2019) Syscoin Review – CryptoTube  (08/08/19) Youtube by ZiljTV on Sys4 upgrade (07/09/19) Kidsonthebchain Interview w/Dan Wasyluk (07/05/19) Proof of ZDAG – Youtube Clip (07/03/19) Interview w/Jagdeep Sidhu w/SmallCapPower 03/11/19 AnarchapulcoLodeDanJagInterview (02/25/29) NewKidsontheBlockchain Video Interview (02/23/19) Syscoin Community Developers Video Tutorial (02/19/19) Interview w/Jagdeep Sidhu on Syscoin4 (2/2/19) Syscoin Introduction Video 08/13/18   Blockmarket Tutorial Videos (How To Series – Archive) Interview w/Sebastian Schepis & Dan Wasyluk – 4/26/18 Cryptocandor w/Sebastian & Dan – 06/12/18 BlockchainFoundry Introduction Blockchain Foundry Background and Company History

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Links for IT professionals and those passionate about Syscoin blockchain platform

Syscoin 4 Blockexplorer

Syscoin4 Block Explorer allows you to review block height, tx (transactions) on the blockchain, wallets and addresses  and other essential information 

Assets/Tokens on Syscoin 4

Syscoin 4.0 brings you powerful new feature sets: Assets. Anyone can create tokens (Asset) and manage its distribution, such as ICO.  A list of assets created will be made available shortly here (in progress)

Syscoin API

The Syscoin API enables developers to build, test and deploy decentralized business services on Syscoin’s blockchain.
API Server hosted by Mircosoft/Azure

Masternode / Hosting

The Syscoin4 masternode system  provides numerous services for the Syscoin network and the decentralised governance

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