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Last Updated On 07/14/2019

@James (Canada)

I stick with Syscoin for many reasons. Some keys ones are I belive they have built something that has a real chance for real world use, they dont over hype and under deliver, they just deliver. The team is dedicated and honest, they strive for excellence. The tech speaks for its self, scalable and secure. Unlike most other projects. Im a big fan for bitcoin merge mining. Miners can support syscoin while also supporting bitcoin which is a big win in my eyes. Masternodes give us an opportunity to keep governance decentralized and earn a passive income which again is another great feature in my opinion!

@Bitje (Netherlands)

Syscoin is one of the most resilience, stable and productive projects in crypto currency space. Syscoin continued improving the protocol even during a lengthy bear market with minimum funding, proving the stability of the project as well as proofing a high degree of productivity. Syscoin not only survived a great financial loss when ico funds where taken away but also kept producing, proving how resilience the project is. All this together gives syscoin an A+ level in trustworthiness.

@Mr_Robot_5 (Poland)

Stay with Sys because syscoin sleeping giant. Z-DAG/Bridge and more more more! Best team and strong open source community!

@Ruben Rotterdam (Netherlands)

I’ve discovered Syscoin in 2015 and have stayed with them ever since. The Syscoin DEV team is one of the most hardworking teams in the crypto space and they’ve always kept building and delivering. I have very high expectations of the SYS 4 blockchain and especially the zero confirmation (ZDAG) and bridge-to-Ethereum implementations. My feeling is that next to king Bitcoin, only a few other blockchains will survive. Based on my knowledge of the Syscoin blockchain, the technology and the team behind it, my strong belief is that Syscoin will be one of them.

@ScammerAlert (Australia)

Syscoin has the best team in the industry, thriving and developing world-first innovations since 2014 without a budget.

@Caner123 (Thailand)

syscoin has real satoshi vision. a purely peer to peer version of electronic cash would allow online payments to be sent from one party to another without going through to financial institution.

@David_pL (Japan)

Crypto space needs Syscoin. Brightest developers in the crypto world. Syscoin offers 60K TPS / For comparison, Ripple is capable of only 1,5K TPS. SYS is the lont term invest! next 1000X coin!.

@bstr156 (USA)

“How many blockchain projects combine 1) direct representation by officers of a publicly traded corporation who contribute to its code and utilize the platform for enterprise clients, 2) a legally established Foundation with a traditional banking relationship, 3) a strong and enthusiastic open source community, and 4) proven presistence in overcoming challenges? I only know of one. These are among the reasons I’m glad to be part of the Syscoin community.”

@viraladmin (USA)

“I chose syscoin because the concept of zero confirmation transactions appeals o me and because the syscoin team is actually making headway to solve real problems that exist such as atomic swaps between chains..”

@MooBaa (Switzerland)

“There is little question that the tech development of Syscoin is among the best in the crypto space. But frankly, it is the “human factor” that decides why I stick with Syscoin. These guys have demonstrated time and again relentless energy and commitment in the face of adversity! 

@Spark_User (Mauritius)

“I stay with Syscoin because I trust the Team and they deliver all the stuff in time. I am a BIG supporter from long long time!

@Locutus (Netherlands)

“Syscoin is not one chain to rule them all”, it is the cooperative mindset of everyone involved which makes this project stand out. Seeking out the value of other projects and bridging to them so these projects can leverage the speed and security of the Syscoin protocol. Combine that with low transaction costs and a decentralized governance system and you have a first class and one of a kind blockchain technology product.”

@Karavay (Belarus)

“Я долгое время наблюдаю за деятельностью команды и, пожалуй, не встречал такой активности у столь слабофинансированного проекта (пока): связь с общественностью, AMA от команды и разработка идет уже более пяти лет. Это подкупает. Я уверен, что у проекта будет большое будущее. Благодаря базе, которая есть уже сейчас, можно делать вещи как для энтерпрайза, так и для широкой общественности! 

@BBaxter (Canada)

I’m in for the long haul with Syscoin and truly believe it will deliver the goods in spades as this coin is backed by a genius-level team of developers who are also among the hardest working team in the crypto world. They all have sterling credentials and are a highly ethical bunch of individuals as well. Once Syscoin becomes more widely known, I believe this coin will take the world by storm and be THE ONE that will revolutionize the blockchain as it’s so obviously technically superior to its rivals. As they say, nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come: think cryptocurrency, think blockchain, think Syscoin

@Duss243 (Germany)

“I got to know Syscoin with the idea of the marketplace and was very taken with the idea. However, the restructuring and the new goal have made me doubt the team at first, but I have continued to hodl. But after seeing the first results, Sys packed me again. I almost have my first Masternode together. Thats my goal.”

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